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Dr. Brahm Dutt

Padma Shri Dr. Brahm Dutt

I was born in 1933, in a small village, Kaurali, of district Faridabad, Haryana. My father was a scholar and poet. The ideology and tradition of my family, particularly the vision of my father, were the legacies which deeply influenced and motivated me since my child hood, to work for the poor, weak, old and ailing people. I feel that I have a warm and wide heart for them.

Many small incidents of my school days, indicate my compassion for the have-nots and disabled persons. My steadfastness to what I believe and love for the poor, had become legendary in my small social circle as traits of compassion for the weak and the poor in my life. These traits have been perpetuating all through my life. All these have largely contributed to my working for the Persons Affected by Leprosy or disabilities, for the last more than 30 years.

My work for these persons, the poorest of the poor and horribly stigmatized, include helping them for redressal of their problems and grievances at the grass roots, (individual problems) besides the larger and common problems and grievances. Some of my achievements have created national if not international, impact.

Although leprosy has been declared by medical scientists of W.H.O., as not at all contagious, minimally infectious, curable at any stage yet a lot of misunderstanding about the disease still persists.

Unfortunately, on account of disbeliefs and misbelieves, leprosy is still considered by many, a highly contagious, infectious, dreaded disease and a result of sins committed in previous life. All these are awfully misconstrued assumptions and misnomer.

Most of the leprosy afflicted persons still depend on charity, donations and rather begging on streets particularly near places of worship. Most of them are still living in pathetic and in-human conditions.

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